Tommy Hilfiger Luggage Floral Hardside 28″ Spinner Suitcase Review

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Tommy Hilfiger Luggage Floral Hardside Suitcase

Tommy Hilfiger luggage is well-known and a part of the popular designer lifestyle brand. The company was founded in 1985, and Tommy Hilfiger himself is still in charge of the design process.

In this article we have reviewed the Tommy Hilfiger Floral Hardside 28" Spinner. Above you see the beautiful and stylish (according to us!) blue and white floral pattern. We love the looks of this luggage, so let's find out if it also delivers when it comes to quality.

We will begin this review by looking at what the folks who have already bought the Floral Hardside think.

What Buyers Say About the Tommy Hilfiger Luggage Floral Hardside 28" Spinner

We like making life easier for you, so for your convenience we have summarized the ratings for you below. To get a more substantial data base for this we have pooled the ratings for the hardside carry on size, the 24" size and the 28" size of the Floral spinner. Other than the sizes they are exactly the same.

For an easy overview we have used percentages to show how the ratings are distributed. 

The average rating is a whooping 4.5 stars out of 5. This is based on a 5 star rating system, where 5 is the highest rating and 1 is the lowest.


As one can easily see, 72 out of 100 buyers think this Tommy Hilfiger suitcase is an awesome buy. As many as 89% (89 buyers out of 100) rate it 4 or 5 stars, and are clearly happy with their purchase.

However, 4% of the people who have bought this hardside spinner have only rated it 1 or 2 stars, meaning they are not happy about the bag. Even though this is a very low number we still think it is important to know what caused users to rate the Tommy Hilfiger bag this low.

What Buyers Didn't Like About the Tommy Hilfiger Suitcase

We are very happy to realize that the 1 and 2 star reviews actually are all about misunderstandings about how to open the combination lock, along with one buyer probably receiving a 28" instead of the ordered 24".

Because if this we have also incorporated the 3 star reviews in this evaluation. These can be divided in two categories. First, a couple of reviewers considered the carry on being too small. Second, some buyers felt the pull handle was too flimsy. One was also worried that the hard shell seemed flimsy.

No reports of pull handles actually breaking have been found though, so we don't really feel worried about that. As for the shell, we will take a closer look at that below.

Just For Fun!

This has nothing to do with this particular bag, but it's a fun and very short video from the Tommy Hilfiger brand, so we thought we'd share it with you 🙂 Enjoy!

Features of the Tommy Hilfiger Floral 28" Spinner

Size and Weight and Warranty

  • Body measurements: 28" x 19" x 11" (expandable about 2.5"))
  • Weight: 10.6 lbs.
  • Warranty: 3 Year Limited

The warranty is perhaps not impressive, but on the other hand pretty much standard. As is most usual it only covers manufacturer's defects, and not damage being done to the bag by for example baggage handlers. Some warranties actually covers that too!

If your checked in bag has suffered severe damage you can always file a complaint to the airline, some airlines have quite generous policies about this.

Note that the measurements are without the wheels! To get the overall measure for the height you need to add a couple of inches. For the width about half an inch is enough, to compensate for the knobs on the side.

Note also that the bag is expandable! Meaning you can pack it full when leaving for your trip, and still be able to make room for the nice stuff you buy while you're away.

What Material is the Floral Bag Made With? How Durable is it?

This hard shell Tommy Hilfiger luggage is made with composite polycarbonate plastic. Polycarbonate is extremely hard and has very high impact resistance, but does not have as good flexibility as ABS plastic. Is this a disadvantage when the material is used for luggage? Most likely not. The impact resistence is vital for luggage that gets tossed and smashed, and for this the polycarbonate is excellent.

Durable Polycarbonate luggage

No, you d​​​​on't need to understand this! But this is how the chemical structure of polycarbonate looks. Imagine there are those who see at a glance what it is...

Polycarbonate also has good resistance against UV radiation, meaning your bag will not age because of exposure to sunlight.

On the side opposite from the carry handle and lock are four knobs, or feet if you like. They protect the surface and the zipper if you need to put the bag down but not in upright position. There are also corner guards to protect the parts most commonly smashed during luggage handling.

This leads us to the zipper closure. Most bags are closed with zippers, and we all know that zippers can break and jam. Therefore it's important that the zipper is of good quality, and that the manufacturer hasn't gone for cheap solutions.

Traditionally YKK zippers have been regarded as the only ones with outstanding quality, but recently several larger luggage brands have switched to other manufacturers who produce equally good quality zippers as YKK.

This Hilfiger luggage does not have YKK zippers, but we have seen no reports whatsoever about zippers not holding up. We draw the conclusion that another high quality zipper brand is used!

Wheels and Handles

This hard side bag is equipped with a double bar telescopic push button handle made with aircraft grade aluminium. As durable and tough as they come!

There are both a top and a side carry handle, to make it easier to lift the bag into trunks and onto luggage racks and beds. These are attached with double rivets, which should ensure that they stay on.

Spinner wheels are always more fragile than inline skate wheels. However, product development has come a long way in recent years, and we believe that good quality spinner wheels can be trusted. If you are traveling to more harsh environments we definitely recommend luggage with inline skate wheels though. Spinner wheels do best on smooth floors and not-too-cobbled streets.

Tommy Hilfiger Floral Luggage spinner wheels

The wheels on this bag seem to be doing very well. We have found no issues with wheels jamming or breaking. They are double and very easy to manouver since they smoothly and easily spin 360 degrees. Beware of leaving the bag on its own on a decline though, since it will start to roll away from you!

TSA Combination Lock

We like built in locks, and we are pleased that this Tommy Hilfiger suitcase has that. As most locks are these days, at least on better quality luggage, this is TSA lock that allows for customs to have a peep inside your bag without breaking the lock.

Tommy Hilfiger Floral Luggage Hardside Lock and handles

When the bag arrives the combination is set to 000. To change that to your own preferred combination, use a sharp object like a pen and press down the small button between the number rolls and where the zipper pulls are to be attached.

Now set the numbers to whatever you like, and then release the button. Now the lock will only open with the numbers you have chosen. A good tip is to write down somewhere what your combination is. Maybe it's only us, but it's sooo easy to forget that!

Interior of the Tommy Hilfiger Luggage

The bag opens like a clam, which means that both sides are equally deep when the bag is open. When a bag opens like this it's important that the design makes sure that your belongings don't fall out during opening.

With the Floral hardside there are no worries! Both sides of the interior are equipped with panels that have speed clips and zippered mesh pockets for all your small stuff. The bag is fully lined with signature fabric. Classy!

Tommy Hilfiger Floral Luggage interior design

Who is the Tommy Hilfiger Luggage Floral Hardside 28" Spinner for?

If you love the large hibiskus floral pattern, need a high quality suitcase for your longer travels and think designer luggage gives an extra touch to your appearance and looks, this a definitely a bag for you! 

As an extra perk there are also nylon Tommy Hilfiger signature stripes down the middle of the bag, as well as a metal logo plate. No one will be left wondering where your bag comes from.

Summary and Conclusion

So then, does this beautiful piece of hardside luggage also deliver when it comes to quailty? As far as we have seen when searching the web for user experiences, there are no evidences that it does not.

We are also pleased with the features of the bag. The built in TSA lock, the divider panels with speed buckles, the support knobs on the side, the 

Not what you are looking for after all? Then try our article about the best hardside luggage, or perhaps what we think are the best and most durable luggage

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