Best Anti-Theft Backpacks: Keeping Your Stuff Safe

Best Anti-Theft Backpack

When you’re on the go, sometimes your pockets are big enough and you have enough of them to hold your stuff. Sometimes you need to take so much stuff that you can fill two suitcases with it all. And sometimes you have more stuff than will fit into your pockets but not enough to justify lugging a suitcase around. What you need instead is a backpack.

And since your stuff is valuable, so what you really need is an anti-theft backpack.

Let’s take a look at what makes an anti-theft backpack anti-theft and how you should go about choosing the best anti-theft backpack for your situation.
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Most Durable Luggage 2019 – Top Carry-Ons And Checked Luggage!

The Most Rugged Luggage - Why You Need It

Updated March 20, 2019

Is there anything more annoying than trying to zip up your bag at the hotel and the zipper breaks? And it can be really stressful as well if you have a plane or train to catch, and not really the time to rush to a store and buy new luggage to put your stuff in. (And how would you ever manage to find out what is the most durable luggage when you have so little time?)

Or what about running through the airport actually CARRYING a heavy bag, because one of the wheels just broke and made it impossible to either pull or push?

Most durable luggage?

✅Our top recommendation for most durable hardside carry-ons:  Chester Minima Carry-On Luggage! You can't go wrong with this one!  Use the exclusive discount code TRAVELGEARDEPOT and get an extra 10% off your Chester purchase. (You can read our full review of the Chester carry-on here.)

​Here at Travel Gear Depot we don't want you to have such bad experiences. Thus, we have scrutinized the web and picked out what we believe to be among the most rugged luggage you can find. We have chosen 3 carry-ons and 3 suitcases. Often there is a product line, which means you can find suitcases from the same line as a carry-on we have recommended, and vice versa.

We will start with some general questions about durable luggage, and then dive into the specific product reviews. Enjoy!

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Aleon Hardside Carry-On Aluminum Luggage Review

Aleon 19 International Carry-On Aluminum Luggage Platinum Front

This is our very first review of an aluminum case! We are delighted to present this Aleon Carry-On Aluminum Luggage, and we hope you will enjoy our detailed review.

Since the international 19" and the domestic 21" sizes are the same (except for size obviously) this review is for both of them.

This is by no definition of ours a pretty bag, but it's elegant and stylish, and the design definitely stands out and gives an impression of being sturdy and reliable. But is it? Finding that out for you is our mission here at Travel Gear Depot, so let's not beat around the bush.

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7 Volunteer Abroad Trips For Tight Pocketed Travelers

Volunteer abroad tips

Volunteering abroad is an amazing thing to do, for a lot of reasons. First and foremost, it enables you to give something of real significance to a worthy cause.

It can also provide something more personal in the form of valuable life experience. Living among people born into difficult circumstances, or seeing first-hand areas damaged by neglect or exploitation is eye-opening. It allows you to comprehend these issues far better than by watching the news, or reading a book ever could. Understanding these issues and then contributing to their improvement can bring a real sense of wellbeing.

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Tommy Hilfiger Luggage Floral Hardside 28″ Spinner Suitcase Review

Tommy Hilfiger Luggage Floral Hardside Suitcase

Tommy Hilfiger luggage is well-known and a part of the popular designer lifestyle brand. The company was founded in 1985, and Tommy Hilfiger himself is still in charge of the design process.

In this article we have reviewed the Tommy Hilfiger Floral Hardside 28" Spinner. Above you see the beautiful and stylish (according to us!) blue and white floral pattern. We love the looks of this luggage, so let's find out if it also delivers when it comes to quality.

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Nicole Miller Rainbow Luggage Hard-Sided Spinner Review

Nicole Miller Rainbow Hardside Luggage Olive
Nicole Miller Hardside Striped Luggage Aqua-Yellow
Nicole Miller Rainbow Hardside Luggage Lavender
Nicole Miller Rainbow Hardside Luggage Sea Glass

We can't hide our delight to have found these very pretty hardsides from Nicole Miller rainbow luggage! You bag will no doubt stand out from the crowd on the conveyor belt or in the airport lounge with these colorful stripes.

Nicole Miller is a well known American designer, who has studied in both the US and in Paris. She is known for her bright prints and patterns. Apart from this hardside there are plenty of purses, totes and other travel bags designed by Nicole.

But, are they also a good buy when it comes to quality? This detailed review of the Nicole Miller New York Rainbow Spinners will tell you!

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Why Cycling is the Best Way to Explore the World

WomanBicycle is the best way to explore the worldon bike tour

There are plenty of ways to explore the world, but not all of them give you the sense of freedom and the strong thighs you get from seeing the sights from your bike. The first thing I ever fell in love with about cycling was actually a bicycle bell that I was given for my 13th birthday; it had the classic ting ting! sound that I’d heard in countless movies during my childhood, and I spent the rest of that birthday ringing it in my family’s ears over and over again.

I’d had a bike for years, but it was that bell that motivated me to get out and start riding every day - and I never looked back. But you don’t have to have the best bike bell in the world to fall in love with cycling, and especially not when your bike is the vehicle that takes you to the places you’ve always dreamed of going.

 So, why do I always tell people that the best way to explore the world is by bicycle?

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