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Hi, I’m Scott! I’m the new owner of Travel Gear Depot. I’m really excited to take over from the awesome start that Katrin did with this site. I travel often, domestically (I’m from Oregon, in the United States) and internationally, so I’m a big fan of all things travel gear related! I hope you find my posts useful!


~ Scott

Founder: Katrin

Hi! My name is Katrin, and I’m responsible for starting and maintaining Travel Gear Depot. Here I am at one of my undercover operations, disguised in my sunglasses and taking my mission very seriously 🙂  Travel Gear Depot
Wondering about my hunchbacked appearance? The sun was really bad on my neck, and I wanted to protect it from sunburn. Hence my partner’s jacket tucked under my dress, lol!

Life has many joys, and to travel is no doubt one of them. You may go to new and yet unexplored places or return to favorite destinations. Perhaps you visit friends or family. Traveling is always somewhat of an adventure, big or small.

The planning, the packing, and the moment when you actually set off. It all contributes to that feeling of expansion and extending your boundaries.

Even if it’s a business trip you need to go on, the journey itself can be a chance to relax and give you time to reflect and revitalize. Or, if you prefer that, a well-needed opportunity to catch up on some job reading and writing.

Being outside the office and all the daily disturbances can make your creativity bloom. You are confined to the small space of the plane or train, and can do nothing else.

Whatever your trip is about, you need stuff. Stuff that fits your personal needs, but also the needs for the kind of traveling you’re about to embark upon.

The obvious is, of course, your luggage. What kind of bag or bags will best fit my needs? Do I want wheels? Is a suitcase or a backpack the best choice? What luggage brands are there and what’s the difference between them?

Then there are also all those gadgets and small things you need to make your trip comfortable and smooth. Anything and everything from plug converters (and knowing if you need one) to travel towels if you’re not staying in a hotel.

The aim of Travel Gear Depot is to make the process of finding all the stuff you need for your travel so much easier and less time consuming for you. We will do all the research for you, go through all the options and read all the reviews for you. And you can just browse through our findings and pick what you need.

We hope you’ll enjoy our site!