Aleon Hardside Carry-On Aluminum Luggage Review – Excellent Choice!

This is our very first review of an aluminum case! We are delighted to present this Aleon Carry-On Aluminum Luggage, and we hope you will enjoy our detailed review.

Since the international 19" and the domestic 21" sizes are the same (except for size obviously), this review is for both of them.

Aleon 19 International Carry-On Aluminum Luggage Platinum Front

This is by no definition of ours a pretty bag, but it's elegant and stylish, and the design definitely stands out and gives an impression of being sturdy and reliable. But is it? Finding that out for you is our mission here at Travel Gear Depot, so let's not beat around the bush.


If you like, jump directly to the heading that sounds most interesting in the table below, or simply keep on reading!

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Well, we have to be frank with you on this one. There are so far few reviews to be found not only on Amazon but also on all of the internet. Now, why is that?

The answer is simple: ALEON® Inc. is a brand new luggage manufacturer that launched its Classic Collection in April 2017. Hence, user reviews are still scarce but are likely to build up over time.

For now, and for this section of our review, we will have to make do with a total of 13 user ratings for the Aleon aluminum luggage.

To make it easy for you (which is what we always strive for!), we have calculated the percentages of ratings and put them into circle counters.

As you can see, there are only 5 star and 2-star ratings available at this moment in time. 5 stars is the highest rating, and 1 star the lowest.

We are very happy to see that the average rating, even though calculated from a low number of ratings, is as high as 4.5 stars out of 5 possible stars.


What People Like About Aleon Aluminum Luggage

We don't usually point out specifically why buyers like the carry-ons and suitcases we review, but since there are so few reviews as yet, we decided to take a look at what they have to say.

First, the shape of the Aleon bags is quite squarish, which maximizes volume and seems to make it easy to pack well. The compression panels are also mentioned as being effective in holding contents in place.

The wheels also seem to be appreciated. "Extremely smooth rolling" and "low resistance" as well as "rugged" are words used to describe them.

Finally, we want to cite one user, who is an experienced traveler with more than 5 million airline miles: "The aluminum workmanship is excellent and very robust".

What Buyers Didn't Like

Since there are so far only two negative user reviews, it's easy to account for all they have to say.

The first buyer had read a recommendation in Condé Nast, and because of that ventured to buy an Aleon carry-on. But he or she became "massively disappointed", although pleased by the beautiful design. Why?

For a reason we cannot understand since it seems basic that it should work, the trolley handle wouldn't extend fully when the bag was fully packed. Odd indeed, and completely understandable that this buyer was not happy. Also, he or she found the latches difficult to work, which also seems odd.

We can't help but think that perhaps this particular bag was in some way and for some reason askew. We sincerely hope this unfortunate buyer will contact the manufacturer and address these issues.

Update on this one! Aleon replied to this reviewer, and now we too understand why he or she had problems. This is valuable information for anyone, so we'll share it here: "Unfortunately, frame closure cases can not be over packed. Once packed, the compression panels should be just under the lid when you close the case. Frame closure cases will not stretch like a zippered case. The good news about this is that you have added security. The case can't be broken into with a pen, like a zippered case, and you won't have a broken zipper down the road."

The second unhappy reviewer had the misfortune of a latch breaking. Also very understandable that this buyer was dissatisfied, but clearly a repair that should be covered by the warranty.

Key Features of the Aleon 19" and 21" Aluminum Luggage

Size and Weight and Warranty

Aleon 19" and 21" Aluminum Luggage

  • Exterior measurements: 19.4" x 14.1" x 7.3"
  • Interior measurements: 15.7" x 12.3" x 6.7"
  • Weight: 9.3 lbs
  • Warranty: 10-Year Limited

Aleon 21" Classic Carry-On

  • Exterior measurements: 20.9" x 15.7" x 9"
  • Interior measurements: 17.6" x 13.7" x 6.7"
  • Weight: 10.6 lbs
  • Warranty: 10-Year Limited

We believe the warranty is good on this aluminum carry-on luggage. "Limited" means that the manufacturer Aleon will cover any defects in material or workmanship, by either repairing or replacing the bag. This is standard wording across the board when it comes to luggage warranties, but the time limit of 10 years is more generous than most manufacturers offer.

If the case gets dented or scratched because of mishandling or abuse by the airline, you should file a complaint immediately, before you leave the airport. Some airlines have very generous policies concerning these matters, but it's essential that you report the damages right away.

How Durable is the Aleon Carry-On?

Durability is always an important consideration to keep in mind as you choose and purchase new luggage. It is especially important to have durable luggage when you are a more frequent traveler. You don't want to have to deal with broken and worn out suitcases and carry-on luggage during every trip.


All the cases in the Aleon Classic Collection are made with so-called aircraft-grade aluminum. This means that the strength of the aluminum alloy used (aluminum and magnesium) is of the same strength as that used when building aircraft.

And considering that aluminum is also lightweight, we think it's probably extremely hard to find a more durable and suitable material for building metal suitcases.

From an environmental perspective, aluminum is a good choice as well, since it is well suited for recycling. Using recycled aluminum, instead of extracting it from ore, means a 95% reduction in energy use.

Single Facility In-House Manufacturing

All components of the Aleon cases, except for the TSA-locks, are made in the same factory. This ensures direct quality control of all the parts before they are put together to form the finished product. This is rare indeed, and to us, it adds credibility to the Aleon brand's efforts to market their aluminum cases as being exceptional.

RFID Blocking

We have to admit. This is something we have never given thought to before now. A person with less than honest intentions can use a so-called RFID (radio-frequency identification) reader to skim electronic data, for example, credit cards and passports, from inside your bag. Ouch!

The good news is, aluminum works as a protective shield that blocks the electromagnetic signals, and it becomes impossible to read your credit card chip from the outside.

Another reason aluminum is a good choice when it comes to luggage material!

Handles and Wheels of the Aleon Aluminum Luggage

Wheels can be a weak spot on a spinner case, and we generally recommend luggage with two wheels or so-called inliners. However, the spinner wheel evolution moves quickly, and it's no longer necessarily true that two wheels are always sturdier than four.

These bags have four double high-density spinner wheels that are attached to the case from the inside (watch the video above) and then riveted to a second construction on the outside. The spinner wheels on this luggage pivot 360 degrees, thus allowing you to easily turn the bag in any direction.

To us, this appears as sturdy as can be for a spinner but considering the still scarce feedback time will have to tell whether this is actually the case. For now, we will have to make do with the opinions expressed that the wheels roll smoothly and seem rugged (this was actually expressed by the 5 million airline miles reviewer).

Aleon 19 International Carry-On Aluminum Luggage Champagne

There are both top and side carry handles, not that common on an international sized carry-on. We love this since it will make it so much easier to maneuver and lift the bag in any kind of situation. The handles are spring-loaded, so they will return to the flat position when not used.

The extension handle locks at three different heights and also locks when down. It's a double bar, so it should be steady enough.

Latches and TSA Combination Locks

Zippers are, without a doubt the most common solution luggage manufacturers choose to close their cases. A few have gone for latches instead - Aleon being one of them.


  • If one latch breaks, you still have one to keep the bag closed. If a zipper breaks, you're lost
  • A zipper may be pried open with something as simple as a ballpoint pen. This is not possible with latches


  • If the bag is really stuffed, you might find it hard to close the latches

Both latches are equipped with three-digit TSA-approved combination locks. TSA stands for Transportation Security Administration. That the locks are TSA-approved means that they can be opened by customs for inspection with a special key.

If the lock is not approved and cannot be opened by customs, you risk getting your lock damaged when they break it open.

Since there are combination locks on both latches, you can choose different combinations for them if you like. These dependable locks are resettable so you can change the combinations any time you want.

Interior and Seal

We are as happy with the interior of these aluminum carry-ons as we are with the exterior. They are fully lined with polyurethane coated 70 denier nylon fabric. The coating makes the lining water repellant and smooth so as not to harm your delicates, and stains are easy to remove.

Aleon 19 Carry-On Aluminum Luggage Onyx Interior

The compression panels, or boards, are rigid and keep your belongings firmly in place, thus preventing wrinkles on your best shirt or skirt. Both panels have mesh pockets for all your small items.

A feature we are very happy with is the rubber seal on the inside. This makes the case airtight (no foul odors will reach your clothes!) and water-resistant. No need to worry about pushing your bag through puddles or heavy rain.

Colors and Cover

The 19" International Carry-On comes in Platinum/Silver, Onyx/Black, and Bronze.

The 21" comes in the same three colors and also Sapphire Blue and Ruby Red (GORGEOUS!).

Even though these metal cases don't get scratched easily, they are delivered with a cover that Velcro's on the bottom. This is great for protecting your case in storage.

Who Will Buy the Aleon Aluminum Carry-On?

Anyone who travels frequently appreciates elegant and smart design and truly cares about durability will love this aluminum luggage. If you need a size that will fit in the overhead compartment of international jets, choose the 19" bag (but make sure to always check the requirements of the airline you fly with!). If you mostly fly domestic, perhaps you prefer the slightly larger 21".

This is not a budget choice, but it's not a high-end item either. There are cases made with aluminum that cost twice as much. Aleon claims they cut costs not at the expense of quality, but through streamlined manufacturing and distribution lines.

Condé Nast Recommendation

The Aleon 21" Aluminum Carry-on was actually mentioned in the online travel magazine Condé Nast Traveler. It was described as "Rock-Solid," quite a statement!

See the clip below.

Aleon Condé Nast clip

Our Conclusion

We are actually happy and somewhat proud to have found the Aleon brand before it becomes famous. As far as we can conclude from our research, and from the admittedly still a low number of reviews, this an extremely well built, high-quality aluminum case.

We would not hesitate to buy, and this conclusion is also based on the fact that one reviewer called the customer service "stellar". To us, this indicates a serious company that cares about their reputation and their customers.

All Aleon luggage has been designed with certain criteria for every traveler in mind including functionality, durability, security, and style. It doesn't lack in any of these categories.

So, when you purchase this luggage, you are getting a high-quality product that has been made with aircraft grade aluminum alloy that further enhances its strength and durability.

Still don't think this is the bag for you? Have a look at the other hardsides we recommend!

Aleon Luggage FAQ

Why should you choose an aluminum suitcase?

Not only is aluminum an aesthetically pleasing metal material, but it is also strong and lightweight. In addition, it is recyclable, inexpensive, and won't rust. It makes a durable material for a hardsided luggage set that is sure to last.

How beneficial is RFID for luggage?

RFID uses electromagnetic fields to identify and track tags. An RFID reader is able to skim personal and sensitive data such as credit card numbers, passport numbers, and so much more. All of this can be done without your knowledge. So, when you have these suitcases, those electromagnetic signals are blocked, and your data hidden away inside your suitcase cannot be stolen.

Why does Aleon luggage have squared corners?

The squared corners on Aleon luggage is more of a design and style choice, but it also provides you with a bit more packing space inside of your hardside suitcase as well. It is very similar to the way packing cubes work. It also helps prevent shifting during transport as well, so everything stays organized and neat during your travels.

What does it mean to have a TSA accepted lock?

The TSA requires access to luggage without the passenger being present in the US. This means that the lock needs to be TSA accepted, so they can get into it for inspection when needed. If you don't have a TSA accepted lock, they may break the lock you do have on your luggage which means you will be without a lock for the remainder of your trip.

Is there a warranty on Aleon luggage?

Aleon offers customers a limited 10-year warranty on their luggage pieces. This warranty covers any manufacturing defects and is said to be more superior than other aluminum luggage brand warranties.

What is the best way to clean my Aleon hardside luggage?

Aluminum is an extremely easy material to clean. All you need to do is wipe your hardside luggage down with a damp cloth or sponge to clean away any dirt and dust. You should avoid using any cleaning agents that are abrasive, as this can damage the aluminum exterior.