Best Leather Briefcase – Top Choices 2021

Best Leather Briefcase 2020

This post contains affiliate links, which means we may recieve a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you click a link and purchase something. All opinions expressed are our very own. Who needs a briefcase? A briefcase is primarly designed for being carried short distances, for example between your car or commuter... Read more →

Best Softside Luggage Reviews: Top 7 In 2021

Best Softside Luggage 2021

Ladies and Gentlemen, Travel Gear Depot proudly presents: The best softsided suitcases and best soft carry on luggage! Please take your seats and be ready for some awesome bags on stage 🙂 Softside luggage has advantages and features that most of the hardsides don’t have. You can read more about this in our excellent 😉... Read more →

Luggage Restrictions – Why And What?

Luggage Size Restrictions

Travellers around the world most likely agree that luggage rules and restrictions often are confusing as well as frustrating. This is especially true for those who often use different airlines to go places. There is also the airport’s “Bermuda Triangle”, that sometimes makes your luggage disappear. But, the major problem is the inconsistency of rules... Read more →