How To Pack – Our Best Tips!

Does it really matter how you pack your stuff into your suitcase or carry-on? There’s still that much of space each item occupies, right?

WRONG! The way you pack can mean the difference between using both a checked bag and a carry-on, or just using a carry-on. Or perhaps, if you’re travelling with a travel buddy, using one checked bag for the two of you instead of one each. We’re not kidding!

How To Pack Like a Pro!

Watch the video to find out how the  experts do it!

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Best Luggage Brands Reviews In 2021 – Our 5 Top Choices

Traveling and luggage are big business and, consequently, there are plenty of manufacturers who wants to have a piece of the cake. We have looked at 5 of them in this latest edition of our best luggage brands reviews.

Some of them are old in the game and have a long-lasting reputation of maintaining high quality.

Some are quite new but have managed to build a name for themselves through showing they deliver premium quality.

Others have been around for quite some time and are frequently bought. Sadly, though, they don’t always live up to the buyer’s expectations when they invest in new luggage for vacation and business travelers.

Let us help you decide who's who! You can read this all the way from start to finish or choose what to read in the table of contents.

We have also included a few honorable mentions making a splash in 2020! 

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Best Carry-On Luggage – The Ultimate Review Guide

Best Carry-On Luggage Reviews Guide

So you’re going on a trip, how fun! May it be for leisure or work, a nice, functional piece of durable luggage to bring onboard will help to make your journey smooth and comfortable.

How then would you know which is the carry-on luggage that will best fit your needs? Is a backpack, a duffel bag or a suitcase what you want with you onboard? Wheels or no wheels? And even more important, how will you know which size is allowed for the luggage you want to take with you in the cabin?

Let’s sort all this out one step at a time, and at the same time have a first glimpse at some of the brands and products available. Right at top you’ll find links to the full carry-on luggage reviews of the best available products. Ready? Ok then, let’s go!Read more