Best Black Friday And Cyber Monday Luggage Deals 2019!

Black Best Friday Luggage deals 2019

Cyber Monday Is Over... but the deals are still on! 

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You'll find popular brands like Samsonite, American Tourister, AmazonBasics, Briggs & Riley, Victorinox, Tommy Hilfiger, Kenneth Cole Reaction, Puma, and a bunch of other brands below.


We all love Black Friday, right? Who does not like being able to get amazingly good deals on those products you really want and already love? And for us, that includes the very best Black Friday luggage deals (no surprise there, right?)

And it's high time to get that Christmas shopping going, so the timing is just right too. As a matter of fact, Black Friday has been regarded as the start of the Christmas season shopping since 1952.

The History Of Black Friday

But it's a strange concept, don't you think? Black Friday... intuitively it does not give a good vibe.

For example, the day of the start of the Great Depression, on October 24, 1929, is called Black Thursday. That day stock traders sold triple the usual amount of stock shares, which was followed by a drop in prices by 23% during the next four days. On Tuesday the week after this, the stock market lost another 11% in value, wiping out the life savings for many people. This Tuesday is now called - can you guess it?- Black Tuesday.

And on Monday, October 19, 1987, the Dow Jones average fell with 22%, which was the largest drop in the history of the stock market. Hence, that day is called Black Monday.

So you see, one would think that no good vibes would come with calling a day Black! But there are good reasons Black Friday is called just that.

The Beginnings

Actually, the concept of Black Friday has more than one meaning. It's seldom things are straight forward and simple, don't you agree? Let's at least clear this one up!

For a long time, there was an unwritten rule that Christmas displays, deals and advertising were not to be started until the Friday after Thanksgiving Day. Thanksgiving Day was established by President Abraham Lincoln to fall on the last Thursday of November.

However, in the 1930's, this Friday fell on the 1st of December twice in six years, making the Christmas shopping season severel days shorter. Shop owners from all over the country turned to President Franklin D. Roosevelt and asked him change the date on which Thanksgiving falls. The President, wanting to stimulate spending in order to end the depression, agreed to this.

In 1941 Congress passed a law stating that Thanksgiving Day should fall on the fourth Thursday in November. And so it has stayed since then.

Why Black Friday?

In Philadelphia during the 1960's, the streets on the Friday after Thanksgiving Day used the get swamped by both pedestrians and vehicles . This caused traffic jams, accidents and a lot of pain and trouble for the Philadelphia police, bus drivers, cab drivers and others trying to navigate the crowds in the streets and on the sidewalks. 


However, retailers were for obvious reasons not happy with the connotations this 'nickname' surrounded one of the most important shopping days with. The term quickly became widespread, and it would have taken a lot of advertising to turn people's mind to another term associated with this nationwide shopping spree.

Because of this, to counteract the dark associations connected to the expression, retailers worked to give a new meaning to the term Black Friday. Back when book keeping was done by hand on paper, losses were usually written in red, and profits in black. This was the perfect explanation to why the day should be called Black Friday, it's simply profitable! Not only for the retailers themselves, but also for all the shoppers getting great deals on a large range of various items.

Black Friday Of Today

In the US today, Black Friday is a deep-rooted concept. To most people it represents deals hardly seen during any other time of the year. The shops strive to create a sense of urgency to their offers. Examples of this are offers limited to certain hours during the day and a limited stock for the items at sale.

Opening Hours

Some retailers open their doors to the crowds already at midnight on Thanksgiving, while others open in the wee hours of the morning. Some eager shoppers camp outside the stores up to a day in advance to be able to get their hands on the best deals of the day.

In 2012 some departments stores began to open already in the evening of Thanksgiving Day itself. In 2014 they were followed by others, some opening as early as 5 PM. In some states this is not possible due to legislation prohibiting employers to force their staff to work on major holidays.


It is indeed bizzare, but the reality is that Black Friday also brings violonece and even death. People get blinded by their desire to get their hands on the deal they have their mind set upon. An employee at a Wal-Mart was trampled to death in 2008 by a crowd of at least 2000, that had broken the doors and trapped the employee in the entrance. Unable to move away from the space and caught beneath the stomping feet the man suffocated to death. 

As many as 7 reported deaths and 98 serious injuries have been reported during Black Friday since 2006, all in connection with shopping crowds.

Safe Shopping

The best way to stay safe during Black Friday is a simple one. Don't go out to the stores. This does not mean that you cannot take advantage of some of the best bargains of the day. The solution? Simple. Shop online! You can sit in the comfort of your own home, browsing the internet for deals you may be interested in, and not waste any time at all in traffic and in lines.

Almost all online stores in the US participate in the tradition of offering great deals to their customers during that Friday after Thanksgiving Day. There is no reason you should not take advantage of this.

A word of caution though. It's so easy to get carried away, even if you're sitting alone in front of the computer. Try to think through ahead of time what you really need and would like to look for during Black Friday. If you want to be able to just browse and see what you find that appeal to you, try to set a budget for yourself to limit your spendings to what you can truly afford.

Best Black Friday Luggage Deals 2019

What will be the deals on luggage this year in Amazon and other stores, we don't know yet. But, looking back at the offers from previous years there is good reason the expect some goodies!

In 2015 several top brands were represented among the carry-ons for sale. How about Victorinox, Eagle Creek, Travelpro and Samsonite? Another perhaps less known brand that had great deals was London Fog, with a line of high quality as well as gorgeous jacquard patterned cabin bags and suitcases.

The luggage for sale during Black Friday in 2016 did not disappoint us either. Some very nice hardside suitcases from well known brand Andiamo were on offer, as well as luggage sets from Lucas Luggage. Tutilo, manufacturer of handbags, totes, weekender bags and digital work bags also had several actually amazing deals going.

So, we await the offers on soft as well as hardsided carry-ons, suitcases, weekenders and backpacks with great anticipation! As soon as the deals are on we will update this article daily, if needed several times a day, with the latest and best 2019 Black Friday luggage deals for you! 

So stay tuned, it will pay off!

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