Best Leather Overnight Bag For Men and Women In 2021

Now why would you want an overnight bag, when you already have a nice suitcase in the wardrobe? Well, we think everyone should have one. If you're only going away for a night or two, you don't want to bring a proper suitcase. Too big, too bulky. A weekend bag is perfect, preferably made with good quality leather that will hold up and look good for years to come. We have dug out the best ones for you!


Those short and spontaneous getaways are sometimes exactly what you need to refuel and find your spark again. Don't need to be far away, or fancy. Just get out of your everyday routine and see something else than your usual surroundings. Alone or with your loved one. Or with the kids, they too deserve a break from everyday life now and then. You don't need to go far (and as we're speaking of staying away for a night or two, you won't have time to), just get out of town.

You can even have your weekender bag packed and ready to go. Your PJs, a toiletry bag with the most necessary stuff in it, and then you can add whatever else you will need. Going somewhere where you will go out for a fancy dinner, or perhap it's a business trip? Then bring a suit or dress. Going to lakeside hotel or cabin in the mountains? Then a pair of jeans, a sweater and a warm jacket will do.

So you see, you do need a nice, goodlooking and high quality overnight bag to grab by the handle and swoosh out the door for a weekend adventure. A leather bag is a good choice, it will always look stylish and it will, provided it's acceptable quality, last you a long time, perhaps for the rest of your life.

Hook and Albert Men's All Leather Garment Weekender Bag

  • Exterior: 22” x 13” x 10”
  • Weight:  l6bs
  • Warranty: 5 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
Hooks and Albert all leather garment weekender bag

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We feel we would be committing a serious neglect in the line of duty if we left out this awesome and innovative garment weekender bag. If you often need to pack a suit or dress this is the bag for you. We actually started to laugh of pure surprise and excitement when we watched the video below that explains the smart design.

Look for yourself, you'll be amazed!

Awesome, right? Maybe you want to check it our right away, if so then click here to go to Amazon

Let's look at the Hook & Albert bag from the outside to the inside. It is made with oiled pebbled calf skin. There are two handles on each side of the bag. One reviewer wished for some sort of strap to connect them, as they do fall to each side when you let go of them, and a strap would make it easier to quickly grab the bag. There is an adjustable shoulder strap.

On the front are two pockets that close with magnets (yes, buckles are merely cosmetic). In the zippered pocket at the back you can put your tablet or e-reader.

The outside is handsome, but it's inside we meet the magic. What looks like a common duffel-like bag inside actually hides a garment bag where you can put your suit or skirt/dress on its hanger. Zip it up and you have two side pockets for shoes, and four smaller ones for accessories.

The company calls this bag a "game changer", and we don't argue against that. It is presented as  a men's bag, but we see absolutely no reason why it should not be a women's bag as well. Well designed, extremely practical, good looking. Suits every woman and man wanting to look smart and confident.

If you plan to fly it will meet most, both domestic and international, carry-on size restrictions. (But always check with your airline for their requirements!)


Well, we've kind of have given it away already. We are impressed by this weekend bag, and definitely trust the quality.

Looking at user reviews, they are enthusiastic to say the least, using phrases like "one of the best purchases that I've made by far", "Does a good job of keeping my suits tidy" and "Incredible bag!". The one slightly negative we have found did like the bag but considered it too heavy.

Our recommendation? If you are looking for a stylish, high quality and practical weekender or business travel bag, you need look no further.

Polare Men's 18'' Retro Real Leather Weekender Overnight Bag

  • Exterior: 18.11" x 8.66" x 11.41"
  • Weight: 4 lbs
  • Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer's Quality Warranty

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This is a bag made with classic Italian design. The look is kind of raw, or as user described it: "Western movie worn out look" 🙂 So is this the look for you? If it is, then read along to see if it is a good purchase for you.

Not only the design is Italian, so is the cowhide leather that this weekender is made with. Seems appear sturdy. The two top handles can be connected with a flap that closes with press studs. The adjustable shoulder strap is easily detached.

The inside features a main compartment that closes with a metal zipper. There is a padded pocket that fits a 14" laptop, and two smaller open pockets.

It has to be said that this is perhaps not a high end bag, but still good for it's price level in our opinion. One reviewer that travels frequently for business purposes concluded that it is not built for frequent travel. One of the bottom caps fell out after three months.  She or he also found that the interior pockets seemed to become looser and looser after continuous use. (But we have to admit we don't exactly understand what that means.)


We think that this is a great overnight bag if you plan to use it less frequently. Perhaps you want a nice looking and good-enough bag for weekend visits to friends and family, or a romantic trip. If this is the case, then don't hesitate to buy the Polare Retro Weekender.

But, if you are a business person who travels frequently and need a really durable bag by your side, this might not be the one for you.

Saddleback Leather Duffle Bag a.k.a. The WaterBag

  • Exterior: 20" W x 18" H (unfolded) x 9" D
  • Shoulder strap adjusts long from 34" - 59”
  • Weight: 7 lbs
  • Warranty: 100 years (yes, it's true!)
Saddleback Leather Duffle Bag a.k.a. The WaterBag

Click here to go check out price and availability of the Waterbag at the Saddleback site.

Strictly speaking, the Waterbag probably belongs in the review article on leather duffel bags, but we chose to put it here because of its size. The bag is more like a true overnight bag sizewise, making it more legit reviewing it here instead of in the duffelbag section.

The Waterbag can turn into a backpack! (More leather backpacks here.) We think that's pretty cool.

(If you liked what you saw in the video, go right on and check the Waterbag out here.)

Like the One Piece Leather Duffle Bag, the Waterbag comes in Tobacco, Dark Coffee Brown, Chestnut, and Black. Which one is your favorite?

Well then, are there no drawbacks? To try and track some down, we turned to the user reviews out there on the web, as is our habit.

But we had a hard time finding anything negative, truth be told. Someone was not happy with how the tobacco color turned out when the bag arrived. But, there is one user who very constructively suggests some improvements:

Place the buckles for the three over the top straps higher up, to prevent the ends of the straps from hitting the ground. Add studs to the bottom of the bag. Make the interior protection flap a bit wider.

We have no opinion on whether these suggestions are good or bad, but since they are the closest to finding negative aspects of the Waterbag we could come, we wanted to include them. Take them or leave them 🙂


Of course we recommend this weekend travel bag, Saddleback is after all... Saddleback! Premium quality