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Best Rolling Backpacks For Travel – Top 10 Choices In 2020!

Now why would you want a backpack with wheels? Isn't that somewhat contradictory? I mean, a backpack is supposed to be carried, well, on your back, right?

This is, of course, true. But there are times when having the possibility to put your backpack down and easily pull it behind you is a relief.

I have to admit, as I age I love this more and more. When that is the most convenient choice I can still carry my backpack on my back. But when I'm in an airport, in a city or on any comparably smooth ground I can just as well pull it behind me.

I've done the heavy lifting for you (pun intended!) and researched the best rolling backpacks for travel. Read on and find which one will suit your needs the best.

Best rolling backpacks for travel

I'll cover both carry-ons and larger ones that you will need to leave at the check-in counter.

Your back will be the first to thank you! 

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Best Rolling Laptop Bags In 2020 – Compiled For You!

We won’t bore you with a long intro here, let’s cut to the chase and start viewing all the best rolling laptop bags! We know that’s why you’re here, right?

Let's simply state that your back and shoulders deserve the break wheels below your laptop provides.

We have picked only the top-rated in each category.

Read on or jump to the most interesting item in the table of contents.

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Best Hardside Luggage – Top Choices In 2020!

Best Hardside Luggage 2020

Have you decided on buying a new hardside suitcase, but don’t know which one to choose? Well, congratulations, my friend, you’ve come to the right place! Haven't we promised to always find the best and most durable luggage for you?

Indeed we have! We have searched the market and picked the ones we believe to be the best hardside luggage out there in 2020.

Hardsided, Softsided, Carry-On, or Checked Luggage?

One of the major and unavoidable decisions you have to make when looking for a new piece of luggage is whether you should buy a hardside or a softside.

What the best choice depends on your personal preferences and what qualities you are looking for in a bag. Since you're here reading this article, we assume you have already made that decision!

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Chester Luggage Reviews 2020 – Minima Carry-On, Regula And Maxima Checked Spinner Suitcases

Chester Travels (colloquially known as Chester Luggage) have only been around since 2017, but we believe the products they have come up with so far - the Chester Minima Carry-On and the Regula and Maxima Checked Suitcases - will be around for a good, long time. We believe this is a new addition to the best luggage brands!

We’ll take a closer look at them in the Chester luggage reviews that follow below. We'll also check out what buyers think of them.

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Best Leather Backpacks For Men And Women – 2020!

This post contains affiliate links, which means we may recieve a small commission, at no extra cost to you, if you click a link and purchase something. All opinions expressed are our very own.

Why buy a leather backpack? And indeed, why one of the best leather backpacks on the market?

Do you like products that last for a long time, perhaps even for life? If not, then these reviews are perhaps not for you. Good quality leather is an outstanding material when it comes to longevity in bags and other products. A leather backpack is no exception to the rule!

We have choosen to only review backpacks of high quality here. This is partly because we think that choosing to buy stuff that will serve you for many years to come is good for maintaining the resources of the planet, but also because they are classy and beautiful.

We hope you will find the best leather backpack that suits your needs and wishes here. If there is a bag you think we should take a closer look at and perhaps include, please leave a comment below. Thank you!

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Best Lightweight Carry On Luggage 2020 – Here It Is!

Don’t worry, your bag doesn’t need to be as small as in this image to be light ;-), but we have not compromised on the weight! When we picked which luggage to review, we had to decide what lightweight means for us.

We decided that the best lightweight carry on luggage weighs under 5 lbs. Some of them may even be considered to be ultra light carry on bags!

Best Lightweight Carry On Luggage 2020

Some manufacturers call rollaboard luggage light even when it weighs 7 or 8 lbs. We don’t agree with that. The weight limits used by some airlines are as low as 11 lbs., and 15 lbs. are common. If your carry-on bag weighs 8 lbs. in itself you’ve already used up half or more of what you’re allowed to take with you onboard.

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Best Anti-Theft Backpacks 2020: Keeping Your Stuff Safe

Best Anti-Theft Backpack

Let’s take a look at what makes a backpack anti-theft and how you should go about choosing one of the best anti-theft backpacks for your situation.

It isn't an easy task to keep an eye on what you have behind you. After all, most of us don't have eyes in our neck (even though our mums sometimes seemed to!). This makes backpacks vulnerable and an easy target for a not-so-honest fellow human being.

To address this problem, some manufacturers have gone the extra mile to ensure that you can keep your valuable stuff safe. Let's take a look at what this means!

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Most Durable Luggage 2020 – Top Carry-Ons And Checked Suitcases!

Is there anything more annoying than trying to zip up your bag at the hotel and the zipper breaks? And it can be really stressful as well if you have a plane or train to catch, and not really the time to rush to a store and buy new luggage to put your stuff in. (And how would you ever manage to find out what is the most durable luggage when you have so little time?)

Or what about running through the airport actually CARRYING a heavy bag, because one of the wheels just broke and made it impossible to either pull or push?

Here at Travel Gear Depot, we don't want you to have such bad experiences. Thus, we have scrutinized the web and picked out what we believe to be among the most rugged luggage you can find. We have reviewed carry-ons as well as suitcases.

Often there is a brand product line, which means you can find suitcases from the same line as a carry-on we have recommended and vice versa.

We will start with some general questions about durable luggage and then dive into the specific product reviews. Enjoy!

Read everything from top to bottom or hop to the heading you're most interested in by clicking on it in the table of contents above.

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Aleon Hardside Carry-On Aluminum Luggage Review – Excellent Choice!

This is our very first review of an aluminum case! We are delighted to present this Aleon Carry-On Aluminum Luggage, and we hope you will enjoy our detailed review.

Since the international 19" and the domestic 21" sizes are the same (except for size obviously), this review is for both of them.

Aleon 19 International Carry-On Aluminum Luggage Platinum Front

This is by no definition of ours a pretty bag, but it's elegant and stylish, and the design definitely stands out and gives an impression of being sturdy and reliable. But is it? Finding that out for you is our mission here at Travel Gear Depot, so let's not beat around the bush.

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