Family Trip To The Jet Set Island Of Mykonos – Do Or Don’t?

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Golden beaches, a turquoise-blue sea with salty cool water, warm nights. Roads lined with blooming oleander. A town with narrow streets among white houses with blue doors and window frames. Cozy restaurants with fresh fish and sea food.

Sounds like the place of your dreams for a family vacation, right?

But if you add loud music from 11 am to 11 pm, crowded beaches and streets, expensive drinks and hot days, it kind of changes the picture. It doesn’t really seem like a place you want to go with your kids any longer…

Is this true then? Is Mykonos a place you should avoid for a family vacation? Let’s start with some facts, and then we’ll let you know what we think and share our experience! 😉

The island of Mykonos is indeed known as the jet-set party place in the Greek archipelago. In July and September the population of about 12 000 swells out with hundreds of thousands of tourists coming to the island. Since the 70’s, Mykonos has been famous for its many bars and night clubs, and for being a hot spot for the LGBT community and the international jet set.

Even though it’s perhaps not as popular among the celebrities of the world as it used to be, it’s still known as a party island. Many cruise ships also find their way to the island, adding to the amount of tourists.

There are many beaches around the island. Some, like the Paradise and Super Paradise beaches on the southern side, are popular party beaches with many bars and loud music into the night. Here the sun loungers stand in narrow rows.

Horse riding to Fokos beach
Fokos Beach

But you can also find calm and much less organized beaches. Here you relax with a good book on a towel in the sand, or play with the kids in the shallow and crystal clear water. These beaches are mainly located on the northern side, and on some of them nudism is common.

So then, should you consider Mykonos for your family vacation? The answer is both a yes and a no. If you want to go in July or August, you do best to choose another location. There are simply too many people, too many cars and too much buzz for the island to be enjoyable for a family holiday.

But, if you are able to go outside of the most hectic summer period, like in May or early June or perhaps late September, you’ll find it like the description at the top.

We went in the beginning of June, and had a very nice stay! ”We” are two adults, and we brought with us two girls aged 13. We also saw families with babies and small children.

Calm beach and pool
Hotel Lady Anna

The beaches were not overcrowded, the restaurants were calm, and the traffic was manageable. We rented a car for the whole week, and were glad we did. It gave us the freedom to go where ever we wanted whenever we wanted. Perhaps we could have settled for renting four or five days, and planned our outings more in advance, but we were happy with the freedom.

If you don’t want to rent a car at all, there are buses from Mykonos town to a lot of places around the island.

We stayed at a nice family owned hotel at Platis Gialos, the Lady Anna. This beach is lined with many hotels, Lady Anna is at the very end with a pool and a garden between the hotel and the sandy beach. We think it is the best hotel at Platis Gialos!

Our room had a nice patio facing the beach and the sea, with a pergola where grapevine climbed and provided shade. We swam in the pool and in the ocean, and the girls rode in ”sea sofas” after a speed boat, hilariously fun apparently 🙂

Mykonos Town
Mykonos Town

One day we went into Mykonos town and got enchanted by the very picturesque street labyrinth. It’s a good thing the town is small because it’s easy to get lost! But you always get out at last, and while being lost you see the parts of the town where the locals actually live. Not as polished as the shopping streets, with laundry hanging out to dry above you, and cats resting in the sun.

We also went for a horse ride, with Horseland Mykonos. Quite a nice experience, with a slow ride down to Fokos Beach.

Vioma Organic Farm and Vineyard
Mykonos Vioma

Mykonos Vioma is an organic vineyard and farm outside the village of Ano Mera. We spent one lovely afternoon there, tasted their wine, ate home made cheese, olives and vegetables grown on the farm. The atmosphere was so relaxing and the people were so nice. This was actually one of the best experiences we had. Since they have animals on the farm and space to run around, a visit here is fun also for the young children.

Don’t miss the Nice Cream place on the road between Ano Mera and Mykonos Town! We had the best ice cream we’ve EVER tasted there, and went back several times to enjoy it. Home made and delicious, with innovative tastes (how about olives?) and sweet people running the place.

Nice Cream place
The Nice Cream place

So, altogether, we enjoyed our family vacation at Mykonos very much! Warm, still calm, not so crowded, golden beaches,  turquoise-blue sea and good food. But stay away during July and August, unless you’re a party animal and wish for nothing more than clubbing all day long 😉