Finding The Most Incredible Places To Explore In Sweden

Stockholm Sweden

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Stockholm Sweden

Sweden is a land of dazzling architecture and grand cityscapes. It has beautiful coastlines, numerous rocky islands, cozy cottages and mouthwatering cuisine. You have probably heard of the Viking legends, the Nobel Prizes, Volvo, IKEA, reindeer herders and the wildly popular musical group ABBA. The country that recently gave us Candy Crush has many spots you can explore. It is not all about brands, and there are numerous attractions and activities for the adventure lover.

The tourism industry is well developed. Most of the visitors are from the neighboring countries in Europe including Finland, Germany, and Denmark. How can you find the most amazing sites to explore? Here are a few places that I, D Scott Carruthers try when looking to visit Sweden.


Official Tourism Information

Visit Sweden is the official tourist information center. It operates a vibrant online portal. You can find up-to-date information on great destinations, available events, and activities. It also carries information on niche and exclusive things to do in the country, as well as travel tips and destination guides.

The site is multilingual and features more than ten languages and that is besides the native Swedish dialect. This makes it ideal for international visitors looking to obtain information on astounding sites in the country.

You can also find the popular means of travel to Sweden, how to get to the best spots, visa information and available public transport systems in the various regions. This information empowers you to plan your trip. Nobody knows Sweden like the Swedish people. This makes the site an authority on travel to Sweden.

Travel Guides

You can get the latest travel guides from your favorite travel agency or online store. There are traditional magazine-type travel guides as well as elaborate soft copy versions. Additionally, these publishers also maintain online country and destination-specific versions of the travel guides where you can log onto their portals and download information related to travel and the best destinations.

Online Reviews

More than half of the visitors to Sweden use online resources as their primary source of information, according to Statista. This includes checking out destinations, comparing travel and related costs, and bookings.

Most online destination review guides include a section where people who have visited the country share their travel experiences as well as opinions. This provides useful insights as you are getting information from people who have already been there and seen it.

Some sites are not heavily moderated and may include unnecessary or biased information and it is up to you to separate the good from the bad. The point is to learn where the good spots are and how you can avoid bad experiences on your trip.

You can find online review sites with unique local perspectives that enhance your experience. Third party reviews offer an enhanced interactive mechanism that enable destinations get access to essential user feedback. Besides reviewing the destinations and available attractions, they can also be used as a guide to the expected quality of service, costs as well as the best times and spots for the new traveler.

Some of these include TripAdvisor and Lonely Planet among others. On Tripadvisor you will find reviews from people who have actually been to the spots and activities you’re looking for, and you will gain a much better understanding if this is likely to be good for you or not.

Airlines, Railway Stations, Travel Agencies

SJ Sweden

Transport and travel companies are constantly looking for ways to boost their business. You can get useful information from their marketing literature. Some cover specific regions with niche attractions and heavenly spots off the beaten path. You can find these materials directly from their offices or their online portals. They also offer tour packages and price guides to enable you plan for the trip

Examples Of The Top Destinations In Sweden 

In addition to the world-famous brands mentioned above, Sweden has stunning scenery, quaint traditional fishing villages, and a seemingly endless summer. What are some of the top places to explore in Sweden?

1. The Stockholm Archipelago

Stockholm Archipelago

This maritime marvel includes over thirty thousand smaller islands and islets. They are accessible by ferry and boat rides using distinct white island boats. The boats are characteristically ancient and a sight to behold. The bulk of the islands are still uninhabited adding to the mystic allure. Discover the rich history and architecture dating back to pre-World War I era including the fortress at Vaxholm. Enjoy gourmet dining on short excursions or go kayaking in the calm waters around the islands.

2. Icehotel And Swedish Lapland

Dog sled Sweden

The Icehotel is one of the mystic phenomena that you must see. The complex is built during winter around December and is gone by May as the snow melts. Plan accordingly if you wish to spend a day enjoying the spectacles of the temporary accommodation. It is made purely of ice and snow.

Sit back in a reindeer-pulled snowmobile through the arctic trail and the pristine Lapland wilderness. Meet the reindeer masters, the Sami people, and learn about the mysterious animals. You can also ride on dog sleds through the snow.

3. Marstrand

The perfect scene for those who like to hobnob with celebrities and royalty. Immerse yourself in impressive panoramas of beautiful ancient wooden homes from atop the Carlsten Fortress. The Grand Hotel Marstrand is the former residence of King Oscar II. There are exclusive contemporary establishments where you can relax and rejuvenate. There is also luxury sailing events around the serene blue waters.

4. Gotland

Beach Gotland Sweden

Welcome to summer heaven. The island boasts of more sun than any other location in the country. The walled capital, Visby, features medieval architecture that has been immaculately preserved. It once served as the trade capital of northern Europe. The island is also home to dozens of ancient churches, as well as significant prehistoric sites. It is a UNESCO world heritage site. The region is famous for delicious fresh cuisine, champagne carnivals, and a vibrant art scene.


There are numerous places where you can find information on the best attractions in Sweden. As a visitor, it is important to find innovative ways to discover the best spots, as they may not be the most visited or widely known. Additionally, you will find great information on what you need to know and how to plan for the trip.

There are numerous incredible destinations in the country as well as a rich history and culture. From the ancient burial grounds of the Vikings to select outdoor adventure activities and fantastic city breaks, there is no shortage of things to keep you engaged.

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