Samsonite Carry On Luggage Inova Spinner 20 Review

This article is our detailed review of the Samsonite Luggage Inova Spinner 20", a hardside carry on. 

Samsonite is a popular and well-known brand, that does not always live up to its good repute. This Samsonite hard side carry on has a particular and stylish design, but does it deliver also when it comes to quality? Let's find out!

Samsonite Luggage Inova Spinner 20 Review


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Before we dive into the features of the Inova we want to give you an overview of what actual buyers have to say about it.

What Buyers Say of the Samsonite Carry On

Inova Spinner 20

We have made it easy for you to take part of what others think of this bag! Below is a summary of how real life buyers rate it. The overall rate is 4.3 stars out of 5, where 1 star is the lowest rating and 5 is the highest. Right now 255 buyers have rated it in Amazon. 


As you can easily see, almost 90% of the buyers who rated the Inova carry on gave it 4 or 5 stars. Pretty impressive!

Only 3 percent were clearly not happy with their purchase and only gave it 1 star.

What Buyers Did Not Like About the Samsonite Inova 20

As seen above, 3 percent of the buyers rated the bag 1 star and 2 percent of them gave it 2 stars. These numbers are really low, and we definitely tend to not worry about numbers this low. 

However, we want to make things easy for you, so we have taken a closer look on what the complaints from these reviewers have been.

Among the 1-3 star reviewers some were not happy with the color, and thought the image did not represent the color properly. However, we believe one cannot expect a color called Indigo Blue to be completely blue. 

On a more serious note, a couple of zippers broke for the buyers, which of course is a major nuisance. 

Some buyers did not like the retractable handle, and thought it too flimsy and not resisting well to the torque applied when pushing a fully packed bag. However, we have seen no evidence at all that it would break or become dysfunctional.

A few scratches have been reported across the reviewers who rated it 1-3 stars. 

We have only spotted two buyers having trouble with the wheels in any way.

Features of the Samsonite Inova Spinner 20"

Size and Weight and Warranty

  • Body measurements: 20.0" x 15.0" x 7.5"
  • Overall measurements: 22.0" x 16.0" x 8.5" (this includes wheels and handles)
  • Weight: 5.94 lbs
  • Warranty: Limited 10 Year Global Warranty

The warranty covers manufacturing defects, which is pretty standard procedure when it comes to warranties (though there are better conditions to be found). It does not cover damage that is caused by something happening to the bag, or if some kind of incorrect repair or maintenance has been performed.

Material and Durability

This hard shell carry on is made with so called 100% Makrolon® polycarbonate. This is a material that is widely used in various industrial applications, such as transportation, medical, lighting and many more. 

So what are the properties of this material making it so well suited for luggage? First, it is an extremely robust yet lightweight material. It is highly impact resistant even at very low temperatures. This means you can bring it to the Antarctis (should you so wish) without worrying it will break because of the cold!

It is also very heat resistant, meaning you can leave it in the sun or close to the radiator. It will not be affected like many other plastics that age when exposed to heat.

So as you can see, the Samsonite Inova Spinner 20 is likely to be very durable!

The surface of the bag is textured with a brushed finish to make it more scratch resistant as well as reducing the visibility of scratches. However, this is no guarantee that it will not get scratched if ill fortune strikes.

The bag closes with a two-way zipper, like most of the hard shells do.

Wheels and Handles

Watch how spinner wheels work in the video below!

This Samsonite hard shell luggage has four double spinner wheels. They pivot easily and has 360 degree mobility. This means that you can easily let it glide beside you and push it any direction you like. Watch the video! 

One word of warning though: Beware of letting go off the bag on a declining floor, it rolls as easily away from you as with you if you don't watch out!

The trolley handle is fully retractable. When not in use it is stored well inside, and does not protrude at all from, the back of the bag. Thus it will not get caught on edges, for example when you stove it into the overhead bin.

It locks in place both when it's fully extended and when it's in stored position. You don't have to worry about it suddenly sliding out, or in for that matter when you need to let go and then quickly grab it again when in a line for example.

The length of the trolley handle when completely pulled out is 22.5".

There are both side and top carry handles, very convenient (again!) when stoving the carry on in the cabin overhead compartment. It also makes it easier when lifting the Inova into the trunk of a car for example.

The handles become flat when not in use, so they influence the overall size of the bag very little.

Samsonite Inova trolley handle

TSA Combination Lock

To keep your belongings safe there is an integrated TSA lock. Integrated in this case means that you can secure the zipper pulls using a three digit combination lock.

When you first receive the bag the combination is set to 000. To set the combination you want to use, open the lock with 000, then simply press down the TSA button, set the combination the way you want it, and then release the button. A good advice is to note down the combination somewhere easy to retrieve, in case you don't use the bag for some time and forget it. (Yes, it has happened to us!)

Please watch the video below on how to set your own combination. NOTE however, that instead of pressing the small button down with a sharp object you press the TSA button. Everything else in the video is applicable!

Interior Design Of The Inova

The bag has zipper closure. This is sometimes viewed upon as a potentially week spot, but we have no evidence that this zipper does not hold up. 

Inside one finds a fully lined compartement. On one side is a divider of mesh fabric, on the other cross straps. Combined these hold your clothes and stuff nicely in place, and nothing falls out when the bag is opened.

Samsonite Inova Carry On Interior

There are no further divisions inside the bag, so if you like to organize your packing even more, using packing cubes is a great way to go!

Who Will Buy The Inova Carry On?

The Samsonite Inova 20 is a medium priced carry on. It is designed to be a lightweight and practical harside bag (though there are lighter carry ons than this one). 

We think it is a nice choice for a business traveler or someone who appreciates the sleek yet elegant design, and is prepared to spend some money on it but not a fortune.

If the weight is extremely important to you and you really want to knock another pound or two off it, there are other alternatives. (In that case you might want to check out our article about lightweight carry on luggage.)

Summary and Conclusion

If you need a high quality and elegant looking hard sided carry on, and don't need to watch every penny, the Samsonite Inova 20 will meet your requirements. It is well designed and durable luggage, also shown by the excellent buyer ratings.

We happily recommend it!

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