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Best travel insurance for backpackers

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Are you a free spirit and touring the world is what you enjoy the most? Or are you heading out for your once in a lifetime dream travel adventure? Then you need to understand the importance of having the best travel insurance.

Nothing spoils a trip quite like getting caught up in a sticky situation. Becoming sick or getting involved in an accident can mean lots of money to fix yourself up. Those who have been in such a situation will know what I’m talking about!

One piece of advice I like to dish out to friends is to never travel the world without travel insurance. There are lots of agencies that handle this sort of thing, but the best one in my opinion is World Nomads.

That’s why I decided to write this World Nomads Travel Insurance review! I will lay out why this provider is the best, and the plans they have for travelers. Enjoy!

Included in the review is a detailed breakdown of plan options. When you  sign up with World Nomads Travel Insurance, you will have to decide between the Standard and the Explorer plan. I will highlight each of the plans to help you make an informed decision.

World Nomads Standard vs Explorer

World Nomads Insurance is a leading provider for travel insurance. To make things easier for everyone, their products come in two main options – Standard and Explorer.

One of the important reasons World Nomads makes a great provider is that their products are very flexible. This is especially valuable if you love lots of adventure.

But is it enough for you to go for the Standard or is it worth paying extra for the Explorer package? The Standard is more affordable. Explorer covers more of those fun adventures, sports and activities.

The cost will be less if you go with Standard and significantly higher if you prefer Explorer. Be sure to check what is or isn’t covered before you settle on a package. Is your favorite adventure sport covered?

Neither plan covers so called pre-existing conditions. So what is that? According to the policy brief, it means being sick in the last 90 day-period immediately before the effective date of your booking. If you have:

  • Displayed symptoms that have caused you to seek treatment or care, or
  • Received a recommendation, test, medical treatment, examination, or
  • Took or was issued with a prescription for medication or drugs

 …there is a pre-existing condition. If what you’re ailing from is treatable or can be controlled through a medical prescription you’re in the clear. If you get worse and need a new prescription during your travel, the insurance won’t cover that.

World Nomad Standard vs Explorer

World Nomads Standard Plan

If you run a quote for, say, a one month trip to India, World Nomads Travel Insurance will give you with prices for Explorer and Standard plans. What you may find unusual is the fact that the calculation process will not ask for the cost of your trip.

Usually, when you run a quote for your insurance the cost of your trip will feature somewhere along the way. It helps you figure out the plan price and type you need. In case you’d experience a cancellation, you will have an idea of how much you will need to cover the cost of your travel. World Nomad doesn’t do that. Instead, they have a fixed amount for cancellations and interruptions.

World Nomads Standard plan has trip interruption and cancellation coverages of $2 500. This is okay if your overall trip cost is less than $2 500, but could be too little if your trip costs a lot more. too little if your trip costs a lot more.

The Standard plan offers $100 000 worth of medical cover. This is a good deal for most travelers. Emergency evacuation cover amounts to $300 000. This is a solid figure and is enough to bring a traveler back home on a private jet from any part of the world.

World Nomads Explorer Plan

Although you will pay more for the Explorer plan, it’s more comprehensive than the Standard plan. The $100 000 coverage for medical and emergency is the same as that of a standard plan. But, both emergency evacuation, as well as repatriation of remains, will go up from $300 000 to $500 000. (Let’s hope none of these will ever be needed!)

Will you travel to distant parts of the world where the health care system is underdeveloped? Then you may want to invest in an Explorer plan.

This plan also includes higher trip interruption and cancellation coverage.  The Explorer option guarantees you that World Nomads Travel Insurance will pay at the most $10 000 for all those unused travel costs. That is way better than the $2 500 from the Standard plan.

If you plan on taking expensive equipment along, it would be worth going with the Explorer option. It comes with up to three times the policy coverage for your personal belongings.

Do you enjoy adventure? The Explorer plan covers all the activities under the Standard plan and much more. Whether you plan on riding a mechanical bull or taking on your snowboard, the Explorer option has your plans covered.

The Explorer option also comes with an extra benefit that the standard plan does not cover. That is the collision damage waiver. If you rent a car in another country and it gets damaged for one reason or another, World Nomads Travel Insurance will pay for up to $35 000 of the cost.

World Nomads Travel Insurance Cost

Finally, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of insurance coverage. After all, that is the point of this World Nomads Travel Insurance review. How much will this insurance cover cost you compared to other insurance providers?

This is where many travelers start and end their search for insurance cover. Although cost is important, particularly for travelers on a budget, you will only get what you pay for. This is true for most things, insurance is no exception to the rule.

Let’s hope you won’t ever have to claim your cover. But what if you smash your camera, break an arm or get held up in Bangkok by a monsoon? The extra $$$ you pay for real coverage will spare you thousands in replacement costs, medical bills or cancellation fees.

World Nomads Travel Insurance vs Budget Travel Insurance Alternatives

World Nomads Travel Insurance is a great alternative for many travelers. But, you are likely to come across other brands during your search.

To weigh your options, as part of my review, I will compare them with two others: Allianz Travel and Travelex.

I evaluated the lowest plans that each firm has to offer for a one month’s travel plan to Thailand that costs $2 000. Here’s how World Nomads Travel Insurance, Allianz and Travelex compared.

For a $2 000 trip to Thailand, World Nomads Travel Insurance has way higher cover limits than the other two. Even their cheapest plan offers $100 000 worth of emergency medical cover and a $300 000 for evacuation. To me, that makes it worth the extra cost any day of the week.

Plus, World Nomads offers its customers a unique customer experience. In case of emergency, you can call collect 24/7 to Generali Global Assistance. They help you find local doctors, hospitals and the like. If you need transport to get treatment they can set that up. 

If you have a question about your travel insurance you can also call collect 7 days a week around the clock. Not the same number as the emergency one though!

World Nomads Travel Insurance vs Budget Travel Insurance Alternatives

Best Travel Insurance for Backpackers

I’ll just go ahead and save you energy and precious time. As you can probably tell from this World Nomads Travel Insurance review, World Nomads is without a doubt a favorite among backpackers.

World Nomads Travel Insurance covers more than 140 different countries. They offer the right level of cover for a typical backpacker. It is easy to buy insurance even on the go. They are well renown, and their products are easily customizable based on the country you plan to visit.

The truth is that most people manage fine without insurance until they need it. If you have not covered yourself and things get tough, you’ll find yourself in a hot spot. Or at least you will have to spend a lot of money to get yourself out of a tough spot. For me, that is a risk I’m not willing to take.

Traveling comes with plenty of risk. No matter if you’re traveling through the mountains in Nepal or are wandering through the streets in Amsterdam. You can never foresee everything that may happen.

Best travel insurance for backpackers

Here are examples of things that can happen to you when you backpack across the world:

  • Your backpack may get stolen with all your worldly belongings in it.
  • You may get caught up in strikes in another country, forcing you to spend hours in traffic and miss an important flight.
  • You might get sick while traveling through the jungle in South America and have to spend weeks or even months in the hospital.
  • You may need stitching in your head after a motorbike accident in Thailand.

The scenarios I’ve listed here have actually happened to backpackers around the world. In most cases of course, when you go backpacking, nothing really goes wrong. I don’t mean to make you scared of traveling!

But, it only takes one bad decision, a misjudged bend along the road or sheer bad luck and everything change for you.

The essence of this World Nomads Travel Insurance review is to make you realize the need to protect yourself as you travel the world. In the life of a backpacker, a bad experience can happen at any time. This is why it’s essential to buy travel insurance. World Nomads Travel Insurance, in my opinion, is the best choice.

Why buy travel insurance from World

  1. Backed by specialist insurers and global assistance partners
  2. Buy Online, even if you’ve already left home
  3. Buy more cover and claim online while travelling
  4. Covers a range of adventure sports and activities
  5. Give a little back and support a community development project

As a traveler, you want to be prepared for potential mishaps that might mess up with your travel abroad. Nothing spoils your travel adventure quite like getting caught up in a situation that you would have tackled easily if you had insurance.  I hope you find that this World Nomads Travel Insurance review has helped you see that. 

There are many firms that offer travel insurance for backpackers and travelers. A quick search online will return many hits. But, very few have a reputation worth singing about.

With World Nomads Travel Insurance, you are guaranteed that you can reach them 24/7. That makes me feel safe on the road! And very important, they have a lot of experience and will be able to help you in the right way when you most need it.

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